Application Modernization

Build, modernize and manage applications securely across any cloud

App modernization is the process of improving your current applications – or building entirely new ones – to take advantage of new, innovative tech. Having a plan for how you will modernize your application infrastructure is important. You can move the entirety of your application to a new environment. You can containerize different parts of your application and orchestrate the whole app with Kubernetes. Alternately, you can build cloud-native capabilities that connect to your existing apps, using APIs to deliver new functionality. From containers to microservices to DevOps and security, you need to understand all the different facets of app modernization when planning your move.

Modernizing your applications provides a few immediate benefits:

Accelerating digital transformation.

Application modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build capabilities and deliver them quickly.

Improving developer productivity.

Adopting cloud-native and containerization technology enables self service for developers.

Improving operational efficiency and standardization.

DevOps enablement drives a culture of automation and transformation of operations.

Why you should modernize your applications?

  • Organizations are investing in modernizing their application portfolios. This means optimizing business operating models within a hybrid cloud strategy to drive cost efficiency, increase productivity and create opportunities for innovation. IBM application modernization services offers skills, methods and tools that help determine the right strategy based on your portfolio, to modernize and containerize legacy applications and accelerate the time-to-value of hybrid cloud environments.
  • Application modernization is a necessary part of cloud-centric business transformation. Business pressures demand faster time to market. IT economics require greater workload mobility to allow migrations to the cloud, improving operational efficiency and cost reductions.
  • The success of a digital transformation depends on the ability of applications to build innovative capabilities and deliver them quickly and to accelerate developer productivity and the adoption of new cloud-native technologies. Containers, Kubernetes, and microservices deliver speed and simplicity and are being adopted rapidly. But, your current estate determines your modernization strategy. Rewriting your entire application estate isn’t feasible, so modernization is inevitable.

What can you expect after application modernization?

The benefits of application modernization can typically be summarized as improving the velocity of new feature delivery, exposing the functionality of existing applications to be consumed via API by other services, and re-platforming applications from on-premises to cloud for the purpose of application scale and performance as well as long-term data center and IT strategy.

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