Our unique software solutions can make a real difference

We can support you with the development of custom software solutions by using the agile approach, Gartner best practices, deep domain knowledge, and unique technology stack, and transform your company into a real data-driven business resistant to a fast-moving environment.

Our products

Our knowledge and experience always at your service

We have developed each of our products with the aim to enable you to solve complex things in a simple way. And that is not the end, because our team is constantly working on the development of new solutions and the constant improvement of existing ones.

Ibis Performance Insights

Reliable software solution for end-to-end performance monitoring and analytics of Telco and IT networks. It will help you to improve the quality of network and services, reduce the number of customer complaints, improve the efficiency of field teams, reduce the number of truck rolls, and improve the effects of preventive maintenance.

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Field Operations Insights

Innovative software solution for centralized monitoring and control of the quality of field operations in Telco networks. It provides you with advanced analytics of data generated by measurement instruments and helps you to reduce the number of repeated complaints while increasing the quality of field actions by defining and controlling the implementation of field procedures for different types of activities.

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Ibis Data Lake

Valuable software solution for the implementation of the Data Lake environment developed by our team that works in this field since 2014. It incorporates the latest technologies together with all our experiences from several previous successful implementations as well as the latest industry practice and it will provide you with a whole horizon of new opportunities gained by advanced customer behavior analytics.

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Ibis Data Analytics

A software solution initially created for easy understanding, prediction, and prevention of Churn in banks, without requiring complex data science knowledge. It allows employees in multiple positions to independently perform basic data analysis, which they cannot do in Excel, and to come up with new insights. At the same time, it helps data scientists in their daily work.

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Phoenix Default Tool

Powerful plug & play banking software for IT implementation of a new European Banking Authority (EBA) Default definition. Our solution is based on the best practice methodology, confirmed by BIG4 consultants, proven through Default automation in the largest CEE banks and offers the highest possible level of automation, covering all default triggers and events, prescribed by EBA, ECB, Local regulators or recognized by practice.

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Ibis Banking Analytics – IFRS9

Ibis Risk Calculator MSFI 9 (IRC) software solution for the banks is a robust solution, built on regional experience giving practical answers to challenges set by the IFRS 9 standard. Enables an efficient and documented process of impairment calculation. It is flexible to fit every client’s needs and easy-to-use, web-based solution for a challenging topic.

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Custom Development

The best way to turn the modern business challenges into your opportunities is to be flexible and organize your business in a different, unique way. But flexibility does not fit into the standard framework given by existing software, available to everyone. This is where we perform by developing software that is specially tailored for your needs and that will put you one step ahead of the competition.

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Our Tech Stack

For the development of unique software for your needs, we use the latest technologies and programming languages in order to continuously develop and improve our solutions in terms of stability, security, and intuitiveness in use.

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