Field Operations Insights (FOI)

FOI, field operations insights

Establish procedures and quality control of field teams

FOI is a software solution for centralized monitoring and quality control of field operations in telecommunication networks. It provides you with advanced analytics of data generated by measurement instruments and helps you to reduce the number of repeated complaints while increasing the quality of field actions by defining and controlling the implementation of field procedures for different types of activities.

FOI, field operations insights

How FOI can improve your business

With FOI, you will achieve complete visibility and control over the work of field employees. It provides the opportunity for the management to ensure that the best practices of a company, based on the knowledge of the most experienced employees are conducted in the field, and gives a clear view of whether field technicians follow defined procedures during their activities.

Why you should use FOI?

Reducing network maintenance cost

Reduce the number of repeated user complaints up to 60%

Improve customer satisfaction

Increasing employee efficiency

Introduction of procedures and standards

Introducing procedures and standards into the business processes speeds up the process and reduce the possibility of mistake, which makes the whole process more predictable and helps optimize resources by saving it for further development instead.

  • FOI software provides default procedures for different types of field actions (installation, complaint by type of service, etc.)
  • Procedures are affiliated to best practice and experience in the measurement area
  • The user can adapt existing or define new procedures for different types of field actions

Functionalities provided by FOI

FOI gives you the ability to effectively supervise field workers during network construction as well as to audit the tasks performed by subcontractors and determine whether the work has been performed in accordance with regulations. Using FOI procedures, you can monitor the work on the installation of the network to the new users as well as the number of possible complaints.

  • Possibility to define procedures for different types of field orders
  • Monitoring of compliance with procedures by operator, team, cluster, subcontractor
  • Summary reports by operator, team, area, cluster, subcontractor
  • Pass / Fail measurements by modem, work order, operator
  • Identification of work orders that did not perform the defined measurements, even when it was necessary to do it
  • Service before or after maintenance modality service if it is integrated with Ibis Performance Insights (IPI)
  • Subcontracting
  • An insight into whether the activities were carried out by subcontractors in accordance with the obligations
  • Monitoring whether subcontractors have adopted new procedures
  • As input information, FOI uses sources: the history of work orders, the results of field measurements

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