Ibis Performance Insights (IPI)

Your panoramic view across network infrastructure

IPI is an innovative solution that uses the latest technologies to solve critical problems in the telecommunications industry. It is an advanced analytics platform based on Big Data technology and Cloud Solutions Providers (CSPs) focused on Network Analytics as well as Customer Analytics that provide a powerful mechanism for solving modern challenges of the telco operators.

Specialized monitoring tool covers use cases for Network Operations Center, Field Operations, Customer Care and Top management, with focus on technologies:

  • Docsis/HFC, SNMP, IPDR, PNM
  • DSL
  • WiFi planning, optimization and troubleshooting
  • GPON
  • MPLS
  • TR069
  • UPS
  • Other network domains
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Access to big data for the telecommunications industry - IPI

Learn how an IPI big data solution can change the telecommunications industry.

Network analytics – How can IPI help?

By using available data from the network IPI can predict, or at least, in real-time generate useful insights that allow you to implement corrective measures through Network Operations Center or Field Operations.

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Network Operations Center

  • Real-end-to-end performance visibility including visibility of problem relationships between different elements. IPI provides a unique way to control optical nodes in HFC networks without the need to use additional probes or transponders. With the ability to analyze the underlying cause in real-time, NOC (Network Operations Center) has proactive alarms. This allows NOC to respond to a large number of complaints addressed to the customer center.
  • Advanced monitoring of CPE equipment together with MPLS network and other network domains. Preventive activities based on advanced analytics resulting from a reduction in the number of network problems and better availability of systems and services.
  • Automated detection of group problems based on advanced analytics in real-time before users start contacting a call center. Isolation of the element that is the main cause of the problem (MPLS device, interface, optical node, amplifier, mac domain, DSLAM port, etc.). Shorter time required for detection and troubleshooting and shorter periods of service malfunction.
  • Short service faults due to the visibility and correlation of the problem between the CPE (modem, STB, WiFi access point, GPON ONT, etc.) and access and core of the network (optical nodes, amplifiers, CMTS, MPLS, GPON OLT elements, DSLAM elements etc.)
  • Less violation of SLA contracts as well as achievement of internal performance targets thanks to a generic SLA (service level agreement) module that proactively alerts and effectively determines the priorities between problems in the problem-solving process under SLA contracts and goals.

Field operations

  • Increased employee efficiency by providing useful information in a way that is suitable for mobile phones and the ability to validate on-site repairs while avoiding callbacks.
  • Improve the time needed for repair and the number of first-time fix rates, performed using the mobile-friendly solutions and tools that allow on-site repairs.
  • Reduce the number of bad installations IPI identifies new modems in the network, automatically starting advanced, frequent monitoring for them, and isolating those with poor parameters so that the technician is proactively sent to fix the issue.
  • Faster detection and troubleshooting using special tools for detecting problems specifically designed for troubleshooting cases in a cable network – such as a tool for faster noise source identification.
  • Reduced number of repeated complaints by providing the mechanism to control field technician’s work quality and its compliance with defined field procedures.

Customer analytics – How IPI can help?

The customer analytics model helps telco providers to better understand their users, customer experience, and their needs. Thanks to this module, providers can enhance user experience and monetize hidden upsell or cross-sell opportunities. In addition to these aspects, IPI provides support to customer service in two more ways.

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  • Improve the efficiency of Call center by providing Call center optimized dashboards that contain all relevant information including information about whether the user is affected by a major network-related problem (group problem).
  • Resolve misunderstandings between Call center and Technical department by introducing objective, common measures, and standards for service quality.

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