IT Operations Management

Simplify your operations and enhance IT service performance

The complexity and size of the IT infrastructure are continually rising within enterprise environments and becoming mission-critical for the delivery of its core services. Better management of IT infrastructure, visibility over business services and applications, and more efficient and effective delivery of IT services are required in order to provide costs savings in IT support, faster resolution of requests, and increased customer satisfaction.

Ibis Solutions IT Service Management provides you with overall visibility of the health of your infrastructure, business services and applications, centralized manual or automated configuration activities to address proactively identified issues and automated operational processes to enable efficient service management activities that span across different functional groups within the organization. The solution enables minimization of disruption times and higher availability of business services, better management of changes within the infrastructure, SLA compliance and raised customer satisfaction.

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Assure service quality while reducing complexity and costs

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Rapidly identify, isolate and resolve problems before they impact your business services. Through the consolidation of overall availability and performance monitoring, gain visibility into the health of your network and business services. Our solution for Consolidated monitoring and management of ICT environment will enable more efficient and agile IT operations and network management through prediction and prevention of issues before they impact user, their faster identification, isolation and resolution as well as recognition of opportunities to optimize your operations and reduce costs.

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Consolidated Event Management solution which delivers near real-time, consolidated event management across business infrastructure, data centers, complex networks and IT domains. Solution helps to increase efficiency and speed problem resolution by consolidating network and IT operations in a single management solution, helps enable quick resolution by allowing operators to run automated resolution scripts against recurring, predictable problems, helps address the most critical problems, and automates isolation and resolution by using customizable lightweight agents to collect business and technology events in near real time.

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Consolidated Performance Management solution delivers network and application performance management software for wireless, wireline and convergent networks. This scalable, flexible system enables communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises and utilities to manage application and network performance of both fixed and mobile networks. It supports complex multivendor, multi-technology networks while providing increased visibility into total network performance.

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Business Service Management solution for monitoring of business services and tracks them against business objectives and technology infrastructures. It shows the operational status of services using reports, scorecards and dashboards for fast data analysis. Business Service Management solution helps you assess service levels throughout an organization for more effective service management.

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AIOps - Infuse AI into IT operations to enable detecting issues early, predicting them before they occur, reducing event and alert noise, locating the specific application or infrastructure component that is the source of the issue, determining the scope of incident impact, and recommending relevant and timely actions.

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All these analytics help reduce the mean times to detect (MTTD), identify/isolate (MTTI) and resolve (MTTR) an incident. This, in turn, saves huge amount of money by preventing direct costs (lost revenue, penalties, opportunity costs, etc.) and indirect costs (customer dissatisfaction, lost customers, lost references, etc.).

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