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Ibis Solutions presented Data Lake solutions at the Smart eGovernment conference

At this year’s Smart eGovernment conference held on November 23 in Belgrade, experts from Ibis Solution presented to public sector representatives the horizon of possibilities brought by the application of Data Lake technology, as a system on which the entire modern society in developed countries is based. Going through interesting case studies on the development of which Ibis Solutions experts are currently working, the capabilities of this advanced platform and the solutions it can offer are vividly described.

Smart eGovernment is a regional conference with a decades-long tradition, characterized by many visitors, the latest innovative solutions of renowned exhibiting companies, and a constant focus on current topics in information and communication technologies in the public sector and security. At this year’s one-day conference, more than 200 public sector representatives gathered, where twenty companies presented software solutions that can significantly improve their businesses.

As before, Ibis Solutions has presented the latest technological solutions that can significantly help the entire community. This year, it was Data Lake, a platform based on Big Data technology that allows us to handle a large amount of data collected from different sources in real-time. The introduction of this type of technology, which is currently used in the most developed markets, allows us to deal with the problems of modern society actively and improves the process of planning and preventive action.

“The essence of Data Lake technology is to enable us to draw highly usable insights and conclusions from huge amounts of unstructured data that help us predict and preemptively influence future trends. This technology has wide application in almost every part of the public sector and allows government bodies to deal with long-term planning and measure progress in real-time. Of course, all of this has the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency of public companies and raising the overall satisfaction of citizens,” said Milovan Kovačević, Director of Software Development at Ibis Solutions and a speaker at this year’s Smart eGovernment conference.

Ibis Solutions already has extensive experience in implementing Data Lake technology, primarily in the telecommunications and energy sectors, while it is currently working on developing new concepts that will improve primarily health care, public safety, as well as traffic and transportation. As a basis for the development of these solutions, Ibis Solution uses the latest IBM platforms, which significantly contribute to the stability and reliability of the entire system.