Financial Planning and Budgeting

Integrate your financial and operational planning and improve predictability

Oracle solution for financial planning and budgeting is an agile planning solution that supports enterprise wide-planning, budgeting, and forecasting using desktop, mobile and Microsoft Office interfaces. It provides a robust modeling framework that helps develop reliable financial forecasts based on sales and operational assumptions to produce cost-effective enterprise alignment. With Oracle Hyperion Planning, you have a solution that is best in class and proven in the market place to provide timely, actionable plans to help make informed business decisions. Oracle Hyperion Planning can be deployed on-site or in the Cloud.

Benefits of using Oracle Hyperion Planning

  • Reduce planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles by weeks or months
  • Improve accuracy of plans and forecasts
  • Shrink the user learning curve by leveraging a Microsoft Office-based interface
  • Eliminate time lag between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed
  • Reduce cost of ownership through superior application deployment, management tools, and packaged data integration
  • Choose to deploy in the Oracle Cloud, in a third-party data center, or any combination
  • Lay the foundation for making the transition to Enterprise Business Planning

Why you should use our solutions

Drive accurate, connected plans across your business and be prepared for what's next. Navigate uncertainty with scenario modeling. Leverage built-in best practices and predictive intelligence across finance, line of business, and operations.

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

Create decision-oriented plans, Connect your business, Do free-form modeling at scale

Prepare for anything with Scenario Modeling

Apply sophisticated financial intelligence, Support your decisions with Monte Carlo simulations, Align strategy with plans, Optimize capital structure

Retain top talent with workforce planning

Plan for compensation expenses, Align finance and HR, Leverage wizard-based planning for ease of use

Plan your capital asset expenses

Track the full lifecycle of capital investment, Plan asset-related expenses, Plan for intangible assets, Review your capital expenses

Understand the financial aspects of your projects

Model all project types, Plan detailed project costs and revenues, Track project performance

Plan across all financial statements

Optimize your revenue plan, Plan for all expenses, Analyze the balance sheet, Model your cash flow

Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPx)

Connect you planning, execution, finance and operations, Reduce decision latency, Consolidated view across the entire process

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