API Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire process from designing an API to the end of its life

When we talk about API lifecycle management, we mean monitoring all aspects of API management, starting from development to implementation, allowing the company to easily develop, analyze and monetize their APIs. Following the fact that a large number of companies use applications and APIs that support them in such a way that they have become an integral part of their digital strategies, managing the complete life cycle of APIs has become a prerequisite for successful business.
API lifecycle management enables companies to attract the right application developers, solve problems on their own, improve their APIs, and make better business decisions related to their API programs.

Key benefits of API Lifecycle Management
  • Create APIs
    By using simplified methods and a built-in toolkit you can Accelerate API developer productivity. These features will allow your developers to automatically create APIs that expose all kind of data, enterprise applications, microservices and SaaS services.
  • Help secure APIs
    Expose existing systems of record, databases or services through APIs more securely to develop new mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and web applications. You can easily apply built-in policies in order to help secure, control and mediate API delivery with virtually unmatched scale.
  • Manage APIs
    At every stage of the lifecycle, from planning, designing and developing to testing, deploying and retiring, with built-in capabilities, you can publish, govern, socialize, analyze, monitor and monetize APIs rapidly.
  • Socialize APIs
    Engage internal and external API consumers through both a company-branded self-service portal and community-building capabilities. This action can drive API discovery and monetization, and broaden business and partnerships.
What you can do by using a better API Lifecycle Management
  • Expand your services
    Define and import REST or SOAP APIs, enabling you to continually evolve and expand the kinds of services you can offer.
  • Target new markets
    Package APIs into products tailored to target specific API consumer markets while also easily managing user access.
  • Broaden your reach
    Publish and promote APIs across different environments to reach developers while aligning with DevOps practices.
  • Increase lifecycle oversight
    Gain extensive control over API versioning from staging to deprecation, meeting corporate governance needs.
  • Manage growing communities
    Harness subscription and community management capabilities to effectively grow go-to-market channels.
  • Act on insight
    Filter, sort and aggregate API event data into charts, tables and maps to manage service levels and analyze trends.

  • If you want to get the most out of your APIs, you need to successfully socialize and monetize them and that is not possible without powerful API management. A robust service for managing API lifecycles with the capabilities necessary to make your APIs easily consumable — so you can externalize and manage your services in either REST or SOAP API formats. Access the needed capabilities through the intuitive graphical user interface, the powerful command-line interface or as full featured REST APIs for seamless integration into any existing continuous integration or automated processes.
  • Expertly secure and manage your entire API ecosystem to support API economy initatives and in same time enable application modernization as part of your journey to cloud.

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