Reveal new insights faster in a concise and engaging way

In today’s technology-driven landscape, even the smallest of IT outages can cause a massive economic impact. IT teams sift through data pulled from topology, logs, tickets, alerts and more to better predict and reactively solve IT outages. Through these disparate data sources and disjointed tools, teams still lack a view to address outages from a single shared perspective.

If an issue is detected, teams use multiple platforms to notify members and diagnose issues through a network’s standard runbook. Teams often work with tools that are timestamped and don’t summarize an outage into one cohesive conversation within their existing collaboration environment.

AIOps enables to reveal new insights faster and offers them in a concise, engaging way that transforms user experiences and improves business outcomes.

What is AIOps and how it can help you improve your business

AIOps is really good at collecting information from many different sources and centralizing the information to one point. Innovate faster, reduce operational cost and transform IT operations with an AIOPs solution that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments. Embrace the changing operations landscape with automation that alerts IT staff to problems, their root causes, and recommended solutions without the need for human intervention.

AIOps gives teams a complete and accurate view into any of your IT incidents, no matter where your data resides while providing you insights and recommendations on how to resolve those complex IT issues by connecting the dots between an organization’s structured and unstructured data, in the environments your teams already works in.

  • Connect the dots between data sources and surface insights where you work.
  • Enhance the diagnostic workflow with insights that are traceable to the original data source and AI that explains how insights are derived from across your application landscape.
  • Solve complex problems with best in class AI, connecting human and machine language to give users a holistic understanding of a problem in real time.

What are the main benefits of AIOps

Diagnose problems faster

Correlate a vast amount of unstructured and structured data in real time with AIOps tools.

Gain insights where you work

Keep teams focused, surfacing insights and recommendations into existing workflows.

Build and manage securely

Build policy at the microservice level and automate across application components.

Automate with confidence

Empower teams to automate tasks with transparent AI decision-making in ChatOps.

Manage across resources

Manage applications and infrastructure with visibility across environments.

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate with pretrained AI models to gain new insights from existing tools.

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