A crucial point to accelerate digital business innovation

Changed customer behaviour with need for immediate access to information across multiple digital channels has created a need for greater speed in delivering products and services. In parallel, ability to respond in shorter, frequent manner, require faster development and delivery cycles. All these things have led to the emergence of DevOps practices as a crucial point to accelerate digital business innovation.

What is DevOps?

DevOps as a practice intended to provide additional business value and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality app delivery cycles with which new set of tools who should support this practice. Modern application platforms based on container technology and microservices are critical to DevOps practices, helping deliver secure and innovative software services at the speed of digital business. DevOps enables link of legacy apps with newer cloud-native apps and infrastructure.

Because they facilitate collaboration between the development and operations teams by separating areas of responsibility, containers are an essential part of DevOps and therefore RedHat OpenShift container platform is the answer.


Higher return on investment (ROI) with more applications in less time

Increased developer productivity with faster development cycles

Reduced IT time involved in development and supporting new apps

Lower costs through greater efficiencies

Improved service quality and reliability

Reduced risk of deployments

Faster adaptation to market changes and gaining competitive advantage through speed to market

Improved customer satisfaction

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