Operation and Service Insights

Advanced service management and monitoring platform for complete visibility

As your enterprise, IT needs become more complex it can be difficult to have transparency into the health of your infrastructure services and mission-critical apps. When problems arise this lack of transparency slows down your ability to respond. What’s needed is a next-generation solution that gives you the visibility you require and the power to act and react quickly and easily.

Ibis Operations and Service Insights (OSI) is an advanced service management and monitoring platform which provides complete visibility into your infrastructure and critical business services enabling automation of operational processes per ITIL recommendation, empowering proactive and predictive actions with advanced analytics.

OSI is comprised of several tightly integrated modules:

Operations management

Delivers near real-time, consolidated event management across business infrastructure, data centres, complex networks and IT domains.

Performance/application management

Delivers network and performance management software for networks.

Operational Analytics and AI

Identify patterns and speed up root cause analyses. Be active with proactive

Service Level Management with SLA

For monitoring of business services and tracks them against business objectives and technology infrastructures.

IT Service Management

ITIL based IT process automation including predefined incident mgmt., request fulfilment, problem management empowered by federated CMDB.

Benefits of Operation and Service Insights

  • Minimization of disruption times and higher availability of business services
  • Better management of changes within the infrastructure
  • SLA compliance and raised customer satisfaction

Success Story – Telekom Srbija and Ibis Solutions

Story about how Telekom Serbia the largest telco provider in the Balkan region and Ibis Solutions, a regional system integrator have joined their efforts to create an Intelligent network operation center.

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