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Ibis Solutions and Ookla host regulatory summit to drive innovation and competition globally

Ibis Solutions, one of the largest IT solutions provider in the SEE, and Ookla®, an internationally recognized leader in network testing and intelligence, hosted an inaugural gathering of regulatory representatives from the entire SE Europe region in Belgrade to discuss how to strengthen the regulatory environment in the market. Ibis Solutions and Ookla presented how leveraging crowdsourced network insights can support regulators to validate optimal telecommunication network performance and subscriber quality of experience. Participants of the conference were also addressed by representatives from regulatory agencies of the countries that have successfully applied these new technologies.

At this regional conference, presenters covered unlocking the power of crowdsourcing, the potential of crowdsourcing data integrated in software tools, challenges of regulatory bodies in the SE Europe region, and experiences in different regions.

“Ookla is committed to helping regulators analyze mobile and fixed broadband performance in order to drive network improvements globally,” said Ookla co-founder and CEO Doug Suttles. “We enjoyed collaborating with Ibis to bring distinguished global regulators together for a discussion about leveraging Ookla’s crowdsourced network insights to help improve consumer experience and accelerate digital transformation.”

“Ibis Solutions has several decades of experience in monitoring telecommunication networks and developing software tools for network performance monitoring. I am delighted that we could further improve these tools by supplementing them with crowdsourced data collected by Ookla, which was not available to us until now. By merging these two segments, we have obtained a powerful solution that will help regulatory agencies fully control the quality level of Telco operators’ services and create the basic prerequisites for the further development of healthy competition, as the basic premise of a free market,” said Vladimir Rakić, Director of Software Development at Ibis Solutions.