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Ibis Solutions developed an innovative IoT solution for Delta Agrar

Delta Agrar, one of the most successful domestic companies in the agricultural sector, in cooperation with Ibis Solutions, started introducing an innovative IoT solution for remote tracking of fruit and vegetable pallets, which will significantly help optimize the harvesting process. In addition to cost savings and simplification of the harvesting process, this system will allow fruits and vegetables to reach the end customers even faster and thus preserve top quality and freshness.

IoT (Internet of Things) represents the concept of remote monitoring of various sensors that can be installed practically anywhere. Sensors can monitor a wide range of parameters, from the location of an object, the ambient temperature, and the chemical composition of the soil, to whether someone has entered within area of a certain object or whether the monitored object itself moves beyond the intended boundaries. Sensors can be of higher or lower complexity, resistant to moisture, harsh weather conditions, and physical damage. An additional advantage of IoT solutions is that they can function without external power supply for many years. By combining such powerful hardware with an advanced analytics solution, it is possible to build a self-sustainable system capable of acting proactively in case of need.

“Our strategic decision is to be a Data-Driven company, and experiences from around the world have shown us in practice that IoT technology is transforming the future of agriculture. That is why we started implementing these solutions from the agriculture business segment, where we are already achieving results, especially in soil condition monitoring, remote irrigation, fertilizing, monitoring conditions in barns that are important for livestock farming, and the like. The latest pallet tracking system for fruit and vegetable transport, which we plan to introduce with Ibis Solutions, will help us track the exact location and other essential parameters for each pallet in our system in real-time. In this way, we will significantly optimize the harvesting process, speed up distribution, prevent possible theft, and clearly show the performance of our pickers and other employees,” said Ivana Slović, Retail Software Team Lead at Delta Holding.

Special advantage of the system developed by Ibis Solutions compared to elementary IoT systems is the ability to monitor very large number of sensors in real-time. BitGear’s devices, successfully proven in operation throughout past several years, have been deployed via Narrow Band IoT mobile network of A1 Serbia, enabling communication with Ibis IoT platform, specially designed for the agricultural sector’s needs. In addition to the ability to collect large volumes of data from many locations, this system also enables advanced data analytics, providing users with the ability to manage their resources significantly better.

“We are very delighted to have initiated a pilot project for tracking the process of cherry harvesting and transportation with none other than Delta Agrar, a serious and innovative company that recognizes the importance of digital transformation and the introduction of the latest technologies in sectors that are key to the development of our society. The plan is to continue the project with the expansion of functionality for application in apple harvesting. With monitoring solutions and advanced analytics that Ibis Solutions has been developing for years and new features provided by IoT technologies, the possibilities are practically limited only by the level of creativity, and real results are visible very quickly. I’m sure that by joining efforts in the coming period, we will achieve excellent results that will serve as an example to other companies in the field of agriculture encouraging them to become even more actively involved in the introduction of tailored IoT solutions,” said Vladimir Rakić, Director of the Software Development Department of Ibis Solutions.