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Ibis Solutions on Data Science Conference 2022

The Data Science Conference held last week certainly represents one of the most important events in the field of analytics and data processing at the international level. This year’s conference, which lasted five days in a hybrid format, was attended by more than 1,500 participants from the region and worldwide. More than 200 of the most important international experts in artificial intelligence and Data Science talked about the latest achievements in over 20 thematic areas.

At the Conference, Ibis Solutions held a presentation about the implementation of advanced data science algorithms in Ibis software products. Focus has been set on how algorithm outputs fit into modern software products and how they can support strategic decisions to enable optimal investments into LTE and 5G mobile and fixed telco network infrastructure.

“Our main idea with such tailored software products is to successfully connect business strategy, sales targets, and market share forecasts with the optimal amount of necessary investments into supporting technology. The presentation of our software solutions attracted the additional interest of the participants of the conference and animated them to think further about new ways of use to improve business. We were delighted with the collected feedback and the level of interest from the entirely crowded conference hall. This shows us that we are on the right track” said Vladimir Rakić, Software Development Director at Ibis Solutions.

By using our advanced analytical tools based on IBM platforms and enriched with crowdsourced metrics by Ookla, it is possible to get answers to essential questions such as:

– How to optimize investments and ensure fast ROI?

– What is the minimum amount of investment required to support company goals?

– What improvements are possible based on a predefined CAPEX budget?

– Where to place the investments within existing infrastructure?